Willam Belli & Stephen Guarino Celebrate Their Anniversary in ‘Eastsiders’ Clip

This week, the beloved gay web series Eastsiders released its third season on Netflix. From creator/star Kit Williamson, it follows the lives and relationships of a group of young people in East Hollywood. As they explore their sexualities and fall in love, we’ve grown attached to the heartfelt series.

Season 3 follows Cal (Williamson) and Thom (Van Hansis) as they return to Los Angeles from New York, taking a cross-country road trip in a vintage camper. The season follows them as they cross state lines and have a hot encounter with a hitchhiker (played by Colby Keller). But as they go the distance, their relationship is put to the test.

While Cal and Thom hit the road, we also get to check in on their friends in LA, played by Constance Wu, John Halbach, and Brianna Brown. We also get to check back in on one of our favorite TV couples, Quincy (Stephen Guarino) and Douglas (Willam Belli).As their relationship has developed on the show, we’ve seen them confront the toxic masculinity ingrained in gay men while Quincy learns to love and embrace Douglas’s career as a drag queen.

This season, Quincy and Douglas go on their own little road trip. In celebration of their anniversary, Quincy surprises his partner with a trip to Palm Springs. Only, Douglas thinks they’re going out of town for a gig.

In a new clip, Quincy lets the cat out of the bag, which results in a hilarious exchange between the two brilliant comedic actors. If we weren’t already shipping this couple, this clip has us excited to see where the rest of the season takes them.

Season 3 of Eastsiders is now available on Netflix.

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