the leaves are topping

It’s “Fem Top Fall” on TikTok once again!

You’ve heard of “Hot Girl Summer” and “Christian Girl Autumn,” but let us introduce you to this season’s hottest (and gayest) call-to-arms: “Fem Top Fall.”

It all started with a hilarious TikTok from Grant and Ash, better known as the social media platform’s resident twink and a redhead. In the video (which was originally posted last year, but gained traction this autumn), Grant gives us the signs of the impending season: “It is fem top fall. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting a little cooler, you know what that means.”

And for good measure, he signs off with, “Keep slaying in the bedroom.”

@a_twink_and_a_redhead Happy Fem Top Fall to all who celebrate! 🥰✨🍂💅 #repost #femtopfall #fall ♬ original sound – Grant & Ash

According to Urban Dictionary, a “fem top” is “a feminine gay guy who plays the more dominant role in the relationship.” And considering LGBTQ+ media doesn’t always recognize the “pitchers” with a little flamboyance, perhaps they do deserve their own season.

To say the sentiment resonated with TikTok would be an understatement. “The algorithm is painfully specific. Let’s celebrate us this fall,” @stevenfmango wrote, while @bestnonsequitur remarked, “Fem Top Fall *and* Libra season. It’s my time.”

@robinxxthomas IM UP! 🧍🏾 #femtop #femtopfall #gay #lgbt #nonbinary #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – ✩kuya seem✩
@jeremygeez Happy #femtopfall y’all! 💀 💅 👀 #fyp #foryou #fall #pumpkinseason #newsnow #live #incolor #meterologist #sweaterweather #gaydudesdontlie #bach #rizz ♬ original sound – Grant & Ash

Some users, like Atlanta-based drag queen and nonbinary creator @bottleofrozae, had their own ideas. “Y’all masc then bending it over for us all year,” they said. “I’m tired of topping. We need to call it ‘Finance for Fems Fall’ because I need money. I don’t need anymore hole.” Points were made!

@bottleofrozae Yall be making me laugh. Fem Top Fall 😂🙄 #femtopfall #femtop #queer #nonbinary ♬ original sound – canzara_szn

Self-proclaimed “fem top” creator @willmalynn took a different approach, espousing the, erm, struggles of the season. “Every time you have a guy over, you have to hide all your Squishmallows in your closet or in your roommate’s room,” he said, adding, “I just don’t think we talk about that enough.” Fair.

@willmalynn Is this a universal experience or #gay #femtopfall #fyp #lgbtq #queerhumor #comedy #squishmallows ♬ original sound – William

Others lamented their lack of sexual success during the autumnal months with melodramatic pleas for some bottom attention.

@ghettostiletto This is homophob!c😞#femtopfall ♬ My Love Mine All Mine – Mitski
@wessy982 the drought is real #gay #lgbt #bi #femtopfall ♬ original sound – Stewie Griffin
@griffinmaxwellbrooks HAPPY FEM TOP FALL, GO OUT THERE AND. ASSERT YOUR DOMINANCE #griffinmaxwellbrooks #nyc #femtopfall #fashion #grwm #princeton #queer ♬ Femmebot (feat. Dorian Electra and Mykki Blanco) – Charli XCX

Of course, no “Fem Top Fall” is complete without the perfect outfit. Some LGBTQ-uties used the sound to show off their clothes of choice this season. Forget the knits and pullovers! But what is the official fem top stance on pumpkin spice?


♬ original sound – Grant & Ash
@elio.444 Fem top fall #gay #fyp #ootd ♬ original sound – Grant & Ash

Although other LGBTQ+ users weren’t having it. TikTok creator @macintok_ decided what we really need is “Big Bottom Season.” “We’re reclaiming our time back,” he said. “Have you ever seen a Chihuahua move a couch? It’s ridiculous.” (We would love to see it.)

@macintok_ BOTTOMS UP 🍑 #fyp #femtopfall #bigbottomseason #fypシ #bottomenergy #gaydatinglife ♬ original sound – Josh

Perhaps the more inclusive season would be Thotumn (which Urban Dictionary simply defines as “a continuation of Hot Girl Summer”). Regardless of how you’re celebrating, here’s to a festive season for you and your fem tops!

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