Dating Like The 1% Is As Sickening As You Think It Is

We love to watch rich people being rich and behaving badly, so we’re living for the diamond-encrusted debauchery of The CW’s newest soap opera “Dynasty.”

However, to actually be the 1% requires a bank account or trust fund that most of us can only dream of (or dream of marrying our way into, if you get our drift). But what if you could live it for one insanely decadent date? Imagine it: All the top shelf luxury you could handle with your fave boo as you flaunt your temporary wealth.and some attitude.

For “Date Like the 1%,” we plucked one lucky couple out of their normal lives and drowned them in all things wealthy, from yacht rides to flowing champagne to slathering their faces in gold. Yes, gold. It’s a thing, trust us.

And to top it all off, “Drag Race” alumni Ongina tagged along as a celebrity concierge, because God forbid these boys have to think about a damn thing while riding in a Maserati. Basically, it’s so 1% that it would make a Carrington jealous.

Mark your calendar to watch the series premiere of The CW’s “Dynasty” on Wednesday, October 11th at 9/8c. Let the catfights begin!

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