Grindr Celebrates Trans Awareness Month With New Inclusive Features



The trans community navigates tricky waters when it comes to online dating, from confusion over their gender identity to harassment to sometimes worse. Grindr gets this and they’re doing something about it.

Starting this week, they’re introducing a slew of important features around Trans Awareness Month to help trans and non gender conforming connect better. Designed to make their profiles a truer expression of who they are, Grindr users now have customizable gender identity and pronoun fields for their profiles, as well as a Gender Identity Help Center to get woke on everything from gender definitions to how respectfully message a trans person.

“It’s gonna make trans people so much more comfortable about online dating,” says trans health advocate/actress Blossom C. Brown.

To get the message out, Grindr partnered with Emmy-nominated actress/writer and trans activist Jen Richards for “Hi! Bye!” In the video, Jen and friends have a funny but frank discussion about what to say (and what not to say) to a trans person with some help from a few Gaymoji-themed signs. The statements range from innocent to WTF, and everyone minces no words in stating how they feel when being approached in a disrespectful or awkward way.

“I’ve had situations where that’s all they wanted was to ask questions,” says producer/actress Carolina Gutierrez. “That’s what Google is for!”

Check the video above and open Grindr now to check out the new features for yourself. And if you see someone trans on the grid…show them some love.

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