Woman Defies Literally All Odds, Finds A Girlfriend And A Kidney On Tinder

A woman from Long Island not only found a partner when she was swiping through Tinder but a kidney donor as well, which is more partners (not to mention kidney donors) than I’ve ever found on that app.

Now, the couple’s story will be the subject of a new documentary called “Bean.”

Newsday reports that the film follows 27-year-old Alana Duran and 24-year-old Lori Interlicchio “as their story spreads across the internet,” all culminating with their transplant surgeries in early 2016.

“It’s a lot of fun to have your story told like that,” Interlicchio told Newsday.

Duran had already been waiting for a kidney transplant for four years before she met Interlicchio, Newsday says. Six months after their first date at a Fire Island bar, Interlicchio found out she was a perfect match and offered to donate a kidney to her new girlfriend.

“It was kind of mind-blowing that we have this viral video and it’s a good story that people liked,” Duran told Newsday.

You can catch Bean on Fuse, and you can catch me on Tinder because I’m still single as hell.

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