It Was All A Dream

Singer-Songwriter Dreamer Isioma Opens up About Their Creative Process in TIDAL Rising Docuseries

TIDAL Rising’s docuseries is the streaming platform’s take on an intimate look at the lives and music creation process of different up-and-coming artists. Dreamer Isioma (they/he) is the latest artist to receive this treatment. 

“I create to, like, create more love in myself. I feel like they go hand-in-hand. Like, my creativity is what I like to do and that’s something that I love about myself”, they say for their episode of TIDAL Rising

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The Chicago based singer, songwriter, and guitarist fuses hip hop, indie rock, funk, pop, R&B to create the music of their dreams and reflect the reality of many of their fans. With the support of their band The Celestials, The nonbinary artist has created a lane for Gen Z artists to be authentically themselves in lyrics and in toying with different genres of music. A lane that’s shared with other Black queer artists, such as Steve Lacy, Victoria Monét, UMI, and SAIAH.

The episode highlights this perfectly, as video footage shows Isioma and The Celestials vibing, goofing around, and using their eclectic synergy to create beautiful music.

“I wake up every day, I’m on the computer. I wake up every day and I’m on my phone talking to someone. How do we do X, Y, Z? Like, that’s what I’m on every single day. This shit is my life”.

And it shows, after releasing multiple singles and EPs, the ethereal artist released their debut album Goodnight Dreamer. The album focuses on a character, also named Dreamer, who embarks on a multi-dimensional journey to understand what life is all about. The album became a “a science experiment through and through” for Isioma, as stated in an interview for NME.

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But the best part about this episode is for viewers to really get the behind the scenes action on what goes down in the studio. Many artists put their focus within image development on social media, which, at times, doesn’t give an entry way into the music development process. TIDAL Rising changes that, giving viewers and inside scoop into how each artists develops their sound. And for this up-and-coming artist, the process is all about the collective. 

“I’ve been with the same people that I pretty much started with. Get yourself some friends who believe in you, stick with them, come up”, said Isioma. 

You can check out Dreamer Isioma’s episode of TIDAL Rising on Tidal

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