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This unhinged detransitioner doc is now being aggressively promoted on X

Something is different on Twitter—sorry “X”—today. It’s not the loss of headlines, it’s not the inability to search for someone you’re following or see tweets from your actual friends. It’s even more sinister than the general decay of the platform. It’s a “trending” topic on the site’s sidebar, promoted by the “leading alt-right” university PragerU. It’s the word DETRANS in all caps as a trending topic.

Now why is this a problem, you ask? It’s simple: Prager U is promoting a documentary featuring the stories of detransitioners—people who once identified as transgender and now no longer do. The doc’s trailer, which came out two weeks ago, is full of all the telltale signs of a completely fabricated cultural freakout. We see closeups of completely ordinary words in the dictionary. Ominous music plays while faceless teens type such horrifying search topics into Google as: “am I a man or a woman?” The word “grooming” is used to describe said cursory Internet search. Many voices and images blend together to disguise the fact that they could only find a handful of detransitioners to go on record for this very prestigious project. And best of all, the term “transgenderism” is spoken in hushed terms by people who probably believe the events of “Harry Potter” happened in real life.

Basically, it’s a sh*tshow. So why is it being aggressively promoted on X? Well, because X doesn’t care about protecting trans people. Not surprising, seeing as the app didn’t care about that even when it was still semi-functioning and going by Twitter.

But this is…you know, extra bad.

We know Musk has a personal axe to grind with trans people—much like another famous, self-appointed villain of our community, Graham Linehan, he seems to feel that we’re responsible for taking away his family. And to that we say… *cackles evilly*

The problem is that even if you’ve muted Prager U and aren’t following any of the demons connected to the institution, you’re still seeing this ad.

The site is broken, sure, but this is a case of it being broken in a very targeted, politically specific way.

It’s especially frustrating to yet again contend with the lie that detransitioners make up a substantial part of the community, when in fact they represent fewer than 1% of people who have undergone transition. And if you’re questioning that, ask yourself why the trailer is edited to make it seem like they were able to find more than two actual detransitioners to talk to them.

But here’s the good news: if they’re putting this much money into an X campaign, they must be really desperate for people to watch this piece of crap.

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